What is Affiliate marketing and How to start Affiliate marketing 2020


Today we will talk about what AFFILIATE MARKETING is, and how you can use it to increase your dropshipping business. Also, we will share 3 awesome tools that you can use to set up your own Affiliate program.

What is Affiliate marketing and How to start Affiliate marketing in India 2020
Affiliate marketing




"AFFILIATE MARKETING is that the thanks to earn commissions by promoting others Products.

"You find a product you like, promote it, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale you make." Dropshippers can take advantage of this marketing strategy by creating their own affiliate marketing Program. To do this, you ask affiliate people to market your product in exchange for commissions they create on sales.


To see this action, let's take a look at how MVMT uses the affiliate program to propagate their watches and sunglasses. They have an affiliate program page on their website, which details the major information affiliates need to know. 

They show that commission affiliates can expect to earn on every sale that they make to the watch brand - in this case, 10% of sales. And, they tell you that the referral period is 15 days.



This means that after the customer clicks on the affiliate link, they must purchase it within 15 days for the affiliates to collect their 10% commission. In addition, MVMT clearly states that money affiliates can earn to promote their products. 

This can help entice colleagues to join. We can tell from this information that if an MVMT associate had to sell a product in one day, they could make $ 405 per month.


 But, if they sell 100 products per day, they can earn $ 40,500 every month. Keeping all these things in mind, let's know how to set up an affiliate marketing program for your dropshipping business. 

First things first. You need an app to help you create and manage your affiliate program. Let us walk through 3 great options.

 How to start Affiliate Marketing in India / How to start Affilate Marketing with internet and website?


First of all:

Option 1:


This Shopify app allows you to create custom affiliate programs, register affiliate affiliates, a few simple steps, and easily review affiliate performance. And, you can set up automatic payments via PayPal. Each of your affiliates has access to their own specific dashboard, where they can download affiliate links and banners to add to their websites.


There is an easy email channel that you can use to communicate with your colleagues. In addition, Refersion makes it easy to find new collaborators. This enables you to set up campaigns to convert new customers into affiliates. And, the app lists your related programs in the reversion market directory. The reflex is free for 14 days, so try to find out its features.





Option 2:

 FriendBuy This Affiliate Marketing tool helped popularize 'Get $ 15 section that you might have seen on e-commerce sites. It is used by established e-commerce brands such as Warcom Parker, Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club. FriendBuy has all the features you need to set up an affiliate program, but it is more expensive than return. If you are just getting started, the price tag of FriendBuy can be quite low.





Option 3:

 ShareASale This tool is for more developed dropshipping.

Store. To access the ShareASale network you have to pay a few hundred dollars. On top of that, you have to pay a 20% transaction fee and at least $ 25 every month. But, unlike many other affiliate networks, ShareASale's affiliates are all pre-screen. This is why ShareASale is a great way to find high-performance affiliates who can drive sales for your business.



Okay, so you've chosen an Affiliate Marketing application. Next, set the parameters of your affiliate program. From the beginning? Decide how much commission you want to give. 

How much you offer is up to you. A higher rate will obviously attract more allies. But it'll also fret your margin of profit . Still, making a low profit on that first sale is not a bad thing. Why? Because affiliate marketing is not about making sales.

You can promote your affiliate program on your website, on social media and also in your email marketing campaign. In addition, every time you make a sale, promote your affiliate program details. Purchase a receipt email.

Remember, existing customers are already familiar with your brand. And after having a positive experience with your business, it is likely that they will be happy to tell their friends and family about it. To make the deal more sweet, offer them a discount code to share.


Reach out to the affected in your niche. It can be hard to find partners who have an existing online audience, and are interested in what you have to sell but - while trying to find new customers .

It's easy to cut your product through more niche noise, and AFFILIATE Connecting with partners is easy. Another advantage of niche marketing is that everyone in an industry knows the others.

Therefore, once you develop a relationship with an affected person, it is often easier to expand your network partnership. To reach influential people, browse the popular Instagram hashtag in your niche. 

Then, identify accounts with at least a few thousand followers and high engagement. These are the influencers who benefit the most from becoming affiliated. Then, check to see if they are already affiliate for other brands.

 Why? Because if an affected person repeatedly promotes the same product, it is a good sign they are doing well with Affiliate Marketing - and therefore, may be interested in your products.

 Often, influencers will have an email address in their bio, or on their website, specifically for business inquiries. So reach them in person. In summary, affiliate marketing is an incredible opportunity for dropshifting stores.


So choose an affiliate platform, make your offer and start partnering with affiliates to grow your business! What do you think - will you try affiliate marketing ?

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Thank you.

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