How To Earn Money With The Pi Network Cryptocurrency 2020 in Nepal

How To Earn Money With The Pi Network Cryptocurrency 2020 in Nepal

I'll be sharing an application with you where we can earn crypto-currency using our cellphones what we're going to use here is mining that even if you're offline you can still mine and my favorite part is this is available on IOS and android phones but before anything else.

How To Earn Money With The Pi Network Cryptocurrency 2020 in Nepal

How do you make money on network Pi?

I'm sharing you the application Pi Network (Pi), well basically we just have to open the app and it will automatically mine a crypto-currency which is Pi. Alright, the good thing is even if you're offline it still mines just activate your account everyday please check our video description because the link is there, where you will register so you can download the app.

Alright, so here on the website that you can found in the video description, you can here download the app. Alright, first things first are of course we should download the application. Click get it here on google play. You will be directed in the application then install. Ope your application and here you can use Facebook or phone number to log-in any of these can do but you must verify it, so for example continue with Facebook then you'll set up your account write it here your name your last name and your username Who invited you? You can write it here raman065  that is without space but our comment is section is open for you to your referral codes because we are not greedy in referring people here.

What is pi earning?

Here welcome to Pi a new crypto-currency you can mine with this app, okay let's click get started and yeah you can see here just tap the energy button here to be able to start mining now you're earning at the rate of 0.25/hour comeback 24 hours to keep earning so it's said there that you'll come back in 24 hours to keep earning, since after 24 hours the mining of Pi here, stops. So generally after 24 hours you just have to turn your application on and clicks the energy button again that on the left side of the application. 

Alright, this is your Pi balance and as you can see I you used referral code you will have an instant 1 Pi next is here the announcement from Pi-core team appears here next is your role in pi network so your current role is pioneer it means we are the first one who uses this application and there other roles in Pi network in which people contribute to the network to earn Pi this is the role alright so here we are still pioneering contributor means if you invite here you can contribute your mines to your referrals and of course being an ambassador meaning you're promoting the app the same time if you promote and they see your referral code you will earn more and the nodes ahm, it's coming soon we have to wait. So basically that's the dashboard if Pi network easy to set up and you do nothing to this you just have to activate it every day and it will automatically mine itself.  

Is Pi worth anything?

You know what's good news about Pi network go to and type it here Pi network so as you can here Pi network now has already value and take note that as of now what we are doing is mining yet, meaning we have to save for now since it's not yet released in the market, so now Pi network's value is $0.36529   more r less its equivalent is 5,543 satoshi I showed you earlier that I have 55,000 worth of PI and its equivalent is $20,000. so actually this will change since the value is not constant. And it may go down if it's release in the market therefore now keep saving because your savings in an airdrop or in this kind of mining are worth it. 

Let's now proceed to the roles earlier is the pioneer that if you install the app automatically you will be called pioneer next is the contributor while mining you should add members to secure our circle and we will get to earn more so here in contributor click view and here will appear your referrals or simply add here the one that refers you. 

The maximum number of people you can put here is 10 people.   These 10 people here are random and I don't know them but since we have a new video I will choose 10 usernames so that I can put here in my Pi network. It means that all I'm mining you will have the chance to get a percentage of my earnings, so yeah start commenting your username in our comment section. 

Alright for example let's close, remove it. Here you will add an existing Pi user then simply click add it is the account that I use earlier for demo. So it's here at last as you can see here your hash will be added by 0.20 pi/hour net is the ambassador, simply lick invite. Then use other channels just copy it and send your referral code through telegram, messenger, or in what social media you will share it. Okay, so all your referrals will go here all of these that have a pi logo over there it means that they are active in mining and don't worry if they're inactive you can ping it. And lastly in profile. you have to verify your account by simply phone verification and Facebook verification. Now I will try to verify with my Facebook so simply click verify and then continue to Facebook you just have to log-in here your account. We are now verified. 

How to withdraw pi network cryptocurrency?

So all in all that is how to use the Pi network simply activate this energy button and you will be mining online or offline so here you wouldn't need to open the application you can close it, you can sleep or whatever just activate it every day and don't forget to ping all your inactive users to remind them to mine pi.  if Pi network will be released in the market automatically. For now, this is all our article about Pi network and on how we can earn and mine using our cellphone, free without paying anything. 

Thank you.

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