Best Cryptocurrency To Invest Bitcoin In 2020 (June)

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2020 | Make Money With Bitcoin For Beginners |

I'm just sharing with you guys what my thoughts are on my top cryptocurrencies to invest in this is maybe an idea for you guys to go do some the research you can take the information here and use it whatever way you'd like but no I'm gonna put the disclaimer again I'm not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice right so let's dive into the first one Bitcoin I think it is no surprise that bitcoins on here is this shouldn't be a surprise with everything that's coming up for Bitcoin. 

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2020 | Make Money With Bitcoin For Beginners|

Best Strategies for Investing in Bitcoin 2020:

There so this is something you want to see more in the future or this is something you want me to do maybe monthly updates talk about different cryptocurrencies every single month let me know you guys thoughts on that in the comments down below before we get started out though guys as usual if you guys are interested in making money with cryptocurrencies, make sure Subscribe my blog. 

I post every single one of the trades that myself and my team are entering and the trades that brought me to a six-figure portfolio in this group so if you're a complete beginner if you don't have time to technical analysis.

You don't know how to do technical the analysis you can copy my exact trade takes 2 to 3 minutes to set up and after that profits are taking automatically for you so it all becomes very very passive we have all coin trades we have leveraged trades. 

We still have our free trial going on for 14 days so there's no excuse not to give this a go and then if you join and you realize hey this is not for me I don't want to continue you simply can cancel your membership and you will not get charged it's as easy as that so 14-day free trial for everybody interested link down below in the description let's get started number one. 

Bitcoin it's the biggest one it's no surprise but we're going to go through five and I'm gonna break down a little bit as to why now these are not going to be 1 million dollar market cap coins these are going to be the decent size we're starting with Bitcoin.

We're gonna go all the way down to like the 75 million dollar market cap 70 75 million dollar market and that to me is a good range where we can diversify enough into very very good cryptocurrencies and that way we don't have to risk too much the way 

I see it with how much we are down in the market I'm from all-time highs and with all the uncertainty going on in the traditional markets and everything as well to me right now.

It's about loading up on the best cryptocurrencies possible not too much of a risk loading up on the best cryptocurrencies possible that way long-term we can see those gains and we don't have to have like I mentioned before an extremely high risk, we can maintain risk relatively low relatively for crypto it's a little risky riskier right, in general, it's known that's pretty common knowledge we're gonna keep it a little.

We're gonna keep it relatively less risky and then we are going to like I said diversify our portfolio into a few different market capsizes and hope that in the future these are going to perform now this is not financial advice I am NOT a financial adviser. 

However, I'm gonna know on it as well it's the biggest one it leads the pack in terms of Bitcoin goes up everything is up Bitcoin goes down everything is usually down so that to me already since it is the leader of the pack is going to be a reason why I'm going to invest in it because it's the name everybody knows it's the one everybody always looks at the price wise and like I said everything Falls what Bitcoin does but not only that recently.

We also have been having coming up so at the time of recording this it's 24 days now I'd record this a few days in advance because I'm going to be busy during the day where I usually record on Friday so by the time you're watching this it's probably 22 days maybe 10 hours 5 hours whatever it is but 22 days left for until we get to the Bitcoin halving. 


A lot of people were some reason have been saying that it should be starting now based off past trends based off history that's usually just not the case we usually trade within the yellow range and then we break up we trade within the yellow range this time we had an exception of the break a little bit earlier but again it did come back down and then after the having we had that being run up and something very similar can be expected.

If we are to repeat that pattern something very similar can be expected here and since Bitcoin is gonna lead the pack it might be a good idea to stock up on some Bitcoin, I know that I have that's something I have been doing I've been holding on to Bitcoin and I will continue to do so and buy if it drops because I think it's a very very good one to hold on to now Bitcoin aside it's time to get to all coins that I know a lot of people are incident XRP.

XRP has seven-point seven billion dollar market cap it's ranked number third encore market cap and to me, I think it bridges a very important bridge is important between crypto and the traditional system, we have now I believe this could be the middle ground that gets a lot of adoption up early if you look at the past price history - 

It had a high of three dollars and forty-five cents it's currently at eighteen cents even then we were down at one point to fifteen cents and do you guys ever watch this channel for a while before you guys know early 2017 picked up XRP that was one of the first all coins that I invested in way way way back in like the middle of 2017.

I was able to sell during the bull run so it made some very good profits for me and the same thing now I'm accumulating it at the price that I consider relatively no low of between 15 to 20 cents there's a lot of room to the upside there's a lot of is a large the community there's a lot of people. 

I believe waiting for the hype to come back into crypto so they can see XRP move and so that is well the phone with that I  believe could lead XRP to some pretty good price movements and again it's a very very big one it's not one that I think is going to disappear and just fail out of the blue so it's a relatively safe investment now it's time to move in not to Loeb. 

We're moving down already into the double digits, this is rank number 12 chain link is currently at 3 dollars and 18 cents you guys can tell the this is since obviously 2018 over here the interesting thing with chain-link compared to the rest of the market is it has so much hype in it already there's so much adoption in it already I mean it's at over a billion-dollar market cap that it's been doing that's been one of the few cryptocurrencies that have not been following the trend that everything else has been fine right so you guys could tell while most almost all coins.


If you click all will have obviously been now currently at a lower price than it was before it had a run of sideways action but then started to pick up and started to make higher lows over and over again.

You guys can tell like low here it's starting to make some higher lows and it's a very very interesting project as well it's ranked number 12 it's a 1 billion dollar market cap I think it still has a lot of room to go up I've seen people say it should be $1,000 $100 and we're gonna wait before we necessarily dive into that type of prediction.

I'm not here to give you guys any crazy predictions I'm just telling you guys which ones I'm looking at that I think are pretty interesting and that could return something good in the future but chain-linked again a sort of Bitcoin aetherium that a lot of people have started to get excited about I've seen and don't wanna mention too much.

I've seen certain big names put it on what I'm talking about so another one that I am keeping my eye out on but again a difficult one because it doesn't necessarily follow the same trend that a majority of other all coins do which makes it a little bit trickier in terms of trying to time when exactly are going to buy it you see these cycles that continue to go through so at these ranges would be a good point to start picking some up and as usual. 

You guys don't want to just buy all of it in one go you probably want a dollar-cost average because we never know exactly when we are going to start moving up and when we're done going down so as long as you have reserves you can keep buying all the way you lower your average every single time and then when it does recover when it does turn around and have that bull run you make more money right and that's what this game is all about now ranked 30th 233 million dollar market cap comes basic attention. 


I want to see other projects, yeah and it doesn't have as much hype similar to the next project we're gonna be talking about it doesn't have as much hype as some of the other projects out there which inflates its price it doesn't have that so it's at a very low price in my opinion 233 million dollar mark after this if it was hyped up isn't over 1 billion dollar market cap crypto I truly believe that.

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