Top 5 natural incredian that can cure Diabetes 100% with in 3 months.

Top 5 Incredian that cure Diabetes

We are living in a society where many people have diseases which are caused due to the current situation of our lifestyle. Disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart-related diseases, and other diseases cannot be cure without essential medicine. 

Today, I am going to unveil 5 types of home base medicines that can cure these diabetes and other diseases in a short time.

People who have these diseases cannot enjoy life. Although they use the medicine it only controls the sugar level. Diabetes is the disorder which is caused due to lack of insulin in the blood.

 It's not the disease but it can be fatal in a long time. Diabetes is the main reason for heart attack. Due to the increase of bad cholesterol in the blood. These diseases can cause in the body.

We all know that prevention is better than cure in our life. We have to change our lifestyle in order to be disease-free.  You can read my other blog where I am giving a diet that can help in weight loss.

Top 5  Natural Incredian That cure Diabetes

1: Cinnamon ( दालचिनी):

                                     Cinnamon is the most important medicine which can cure diabetes easily within 3 months. It is commonly used in our kitchen as a spice. It is obtained by the tree of Cinnamon. It is very easy to use and Just take 100 to 200gm of cinnamon and grind it in the mixer. 

After the powder of cinnamon which should be daily intake moring and evening. Take 1 spoon of cinnamon and take 1 glass of water.  Continue the remedy for 3 months. The result will be a decrease in sugar level.

Top 5 natural incredian that can cure Diabetes 100% with in 3 months.

2 : Flower of papaye(पपीता का फूल) :

We don't know that the flower of papaya is the medicine that can cure diabetes. If there is papaya in your house it can used as medicine.


Papaya and papaya flower help to purify our blood and increase the insulin level which automatically cures diabetes. Daily 1 flower of papaya intake in the morning helps cure of diabetes. 

Top 5 natural incredian that can cure Diabetes 100% with in 3 months.
Papaye flower

3: Guduchi :

 It is one of the best medicine for diabetes. It is the heart-shaped leave which is available in India, Nepal Bangladesh, etc. It can be used on a daily basis.

 The dried leave of Guduchi can be used to make powder and take regularly morning and evening.

Top 5 natural incredian that can cure Diabetes 100% with in 3 months.

4. Black paper (मारीच) and Genger (आदि):

We all know black paper which is also known as marich in India and Nepal. This is mostly used in our kitchen regularly. This is also a cure for diabetes.

The powder of black paper and ginger can be used regularly for diabetes. Both of them are used in many herbal medicines.  We can use tea regularly. This helps to increase the insulin level and function in the pancreas.

5. Floor of corn pone (मक्की की आटा):

Corn is very tasty and healthy food. It has good cholesterol which is good for our body. The person who has diabetes can eat the chapati of corn which can control the insulin level of blood.
 It contains fewer carbohydrates rather than the general floor. It can help in curing of Diabetes in a short period of time.

Top 5 natural incredian that can cure Diabetes 100% with in 3 months.
corn pone

These are the remedies that can help in the cure of Diabetes. My mother was suffering from Diabetes for 4 years after the use of these incredible, Now my mom has low blood sugar in just 6 months.

So, I am sharing this information with you, my friends.
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Thank you.



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